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Tailings comprehensive utilization solution

      On March 25, 2020, 15 ministries and commissions including the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology jointly issued the Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Healthy and Orderly Development of the Sand and Gravel Industry.。"Opinions" clearly put forward: support the comprehensive utilization of waste rock tailings。Under the premise of meeting ecological requirements, encourage and support the comprehensive utilization of sand and stone resources such as waste rock, slag and tailings, and realize "turning waste into treasure".。

  With the continuous reduction of the mining grade of mineral resources, the discharge of tailings becomes more and more, which not only becomes an important pollution source of ecological environment, but also occupies a large amount of land resources and endangers life and property。

  As a leading enterprise in the brick machine industry, Quangong Shares directly hit the pain points of the mining industry, carried out specific problem specific analysis for the weakness of unbalanced development of comprehensive utilization of tailings resources in China, and developed an integrated solution for comprehensive utilization of tailings in combination with its own industry。

  After treatment, the steel slag can be used as landfill materials, road materials, building materials, etc., after offsetting the factors of expansion and collapse caused by f-CaO。At present, the more mature application is used to pave roads and make bricks after aging steel slag。In the process of brick making, the steel scrap deep processing is used as the main aggregate of brick making by rolling and crushing the steel slag of Bessemer and hot quenching treatment, and the steel scrap after magnetic separation is replaced by lime and stone in the traditional brick making process, and the brick is made with natural sand and cement。It can make steel slag brick, floor brick, curb stone, slope protection brick, block and other brick products, which are widely used in municipal square, street and real estate industry。

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