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Imitation stone road brick production equipment solutions

       With the continuous development of China's economy, residents have higher and higher requirements for living environment, and creating a comfortable and elegant environment is becoming more and more important in urban construction。Natural stone with its gorgeous natural appearance and durable properties are widely used in municipal, garden, construction fields。

  However, natural stone as a natural resource, after years of mining, increasingly exhausted, and natural stone processing technology is complex, high cost, high radioactivity, environmental damage, does not meet the national energy conservation and sustainable development of the strategic policy。

  Qangong independent research and development and mass production of PC imitation stone brick equipment for market demand, with its advanced technology and process to achieve the quantitative production of PC imitation stone bricks, with its performance and far lower than the price of natural stone has been widely recognized and favored by municipal departments and real estate companies。

Process production flow
Application case