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1800 concrete product forming machine

Zenith 1800 equipment is a model of successful improvement based on mechanical design principles, with fast production, high quality products, production diversity and other characteristics, in the production of road bricks with fabric layers, roadside stones and other products, more rapid。

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1800 concrete product forming machine

Product characteristics

  Advanced intelligent production equipment
  The Zenith Model 1800 is an example of successful improvement based on mechanical design principles,It has the characteristics of fast production, high quality products and diversified production,And the equipment advanced design concept,The equipment has the performance of accurate operation, easy operation and easy maintenance,Under the increasingly strict engineering requirements,Make the equipment in the production of road bricks with fabric layer, roadside stone and other products,faster。

  In order to achieve a lower molding cycle and a larger production process, Zenith has carried out more extensive cooperation with well-known component companies to improve the hydraulic system and electrical equipment。The four main movements of the improved 1800 device are mold lifting, indenter lifting, bottom feed frame driving and fabric feed frame driving, which are all controlled by HNC control circuit。Make the equipment more fast and accurate operation。

  Zenit has developed a new vibration system for the Model 1800 to overcome capacity constraints, including the use of a newly developed frequency control motor vibrator to make the equipment more stable and flexible, and the production area of the Model 1800 can reach 1,400×1,400mm(plate).。

Technical parameter

Maximum product height 500mm
Minimum product height 50mm
Optional product height 25mm
Standard pallet size
最大 1400 x 1400mm
Different plate sizes are available
Bottom hopper
容量 2400L
Hopper capacity can be adjusted according to pallet size
Fabric hopper
容量 2400L
Different hoppers can be selected for magic production
Maximum feed height 3900mm
Equipment weight
Fabric attachment 32T
Equipment size
Overall length 9100mm
Total height (transport) 3300mm
Total width 3150mm
Vibration system
Shaking table (plate depth can exceed 1200mm) tripartite
6 vibrating motors (maximum centrifugal force) 170KN
Shaking table (plate depth can exceed 1200mm) Two parts
8 vibrating motors (maximum centrifugal force) 230KN
Upper head vibration motor
2 vibrating motors (maximum centrifugal force) 35KN
System: Multi-loop, medium voltage
Gross capacity 315L/min
Maximum operating pressure 180bar
Optional accumulator buffer
Electrical data
Power supply with fabric device (standard) 210kW
Control System (Siemens) S7-400
Desktop/Board Version Computer Visualization System (WinCC)
Technological advantage
1800 block forming machineGeneral technical drawing of production line
  • 1粉灌
  • 2Screw conveyor
  • 3Base material distribution bin
  • 4Fabric matching bin
  • 5Aggregate mixing system
  • 6Fabric mixing system
  • 7Belt conveyor
  • 8Block forming machine
  • 9Wet product sweeping conveyor
  • 10Plate elevator
  • 11Program control car
  • 12Curing kiln
  • 13Plate dropping machine
  • 14Dry product conveyor and pre-clamping device
  • 15palletizer
  • 16Wood pallet separator
  • 17Transverse pitch conveyor
  • 18scraper
  • 19Panel turnover machine
  • 20Pallet palletizer
  • 21Pallet cache device
  • 22Pallet storage bin
  • 23Centralized control system
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